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Review by: Theatre Critic for The Modish Male.com

“I have seen many Sinatra/Swing/Rat Pack shows in the past but this has got to have been the best!”

“I took my dad to see Sinatra Sequins And Swing – The Capitol Years Live! at Crawley’s Hawth Theatre which was absolutely fantastic! An afternoon of Big Band Swing, laughs and history.  Sinatra was an absolute legend and had many hits, but the show focuses on the ‘Capitol Years’ of 1953 to 1961, Sinatra’s golden era!

I have seen many Sinatra/Swing/Rat Pack shows in the past but this has got to have been the best!  Both Kevin Fitzsimmons and Kitty La Roar have that rare 50s/60s sound which made me feel like I was in one of those old 50s/60s smoke-filled swing clubs. Star of the show Kevin Fitzsimmons performs some absolute gems including World On A String, Come Fly With Me, Makin Whoopee, Lady Is A Tramp, Too Marvellous, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Night & Day.

Kitty La Roar is the essence of 50s/60s! The resemblance between Kitty and some of the classic icons is uncanny! Her voice is unbelievable and she sings some classics including Fever, Too Darn Hot, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.  Plus when legends Kevin and Kitty combine, they belt out some classic duets including You’re Sensational & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

Swing and Hollywood glam is what this show is all about! Plus learn some history along the way!”


Review By: K Barnes (President of Sinatra Music Society/Sinatra family’s Europe representative) for Perfectly Frank Magazine 

“If you hear of ‘Sinatra, Sequins & Swing’ in your area be sure to see it.You won’t find a better evening’s entertainment anywhere”

  “While it’s good – in this centenary year – to see so many Sinatra shows up and down the country, most of them, I regret to say, are pretty poor. But one shining exception is Kevin Fitzsimmons fronting a show entitled “Sinatra, Sequins & Swing – The Capitol Years Live!”  The show is entirely focussed on the years 1953-61, Sinatra’s golden period with the Capitol label, concentrating on the sensational orchestrations of Nelson Riddle and Billy May.  He is accompanied by a terrific 15 piece big band, led by clarinettist Pete Long, which does full justice to those exciting charts. But the repertoire wasn’t just aimed at Sinatra, the musical content included such iconic (Capitol years) moments as Peggy Lee’s “Fever” and Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. To handle these songs, Fitzsimmons introduced a sexy blond who also proved to be an excellent musical partner in recalling such classic films of the period as “High Society”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” “ and “Pal Joey”.  The portions devoted to such great albums as “In The Wee Small Hours”, “Songs For Swingin’ Lovers”, “Come Fly With Me” and “Come Dance With Me” were all accurately documented in a way that would please any Sinatra purist and flawlessly performed.  But what made the evening so incredible was to see the effect they had on a 2015 audience was nothing short of hypnotic.  The audience loved it, so did I, and so will you.  So if you hear of ‘Sinatra, Sequins & Swing’ in your area be sure to see it.You won’t find a better evening’s entertainment anywhere.”


Review by:  S Nye for Whats Good To Do.co.uk

“A must for any Sinatra fan and if you want to revisit the glamorous era that this show portrays it will take you there”

Sinatra, Sequins and Swing (The Capitol Years Live!) looks at the career of Frank Sinatra during his Capitol days between the years of 1953-1961, the heyday of swing and some of the iconic screen goddesses of that era. The show itself was described as ‘The Big Band night of the year ‘and it didn’t disappoint.

The orchestra was amazing with some truly talented musicians within it. Particularly the trumpet solo which was outstanding. Kevin Fitzsimmons portrayed Sinatra perfectly. His rendition of That’s Life was like listening to Sinatra himself. For me though the highlight of the show was Kitty Le Roar, with her portrayal of icons such as Grace Kelly, Peggy Lee and Marilyn Monroe. Her performance was effortless and she oozed glamour on stage. With her many costume changes, she was able to bring to life the glamour and beauty of these 50’s icons. Her range was phenomenal and her vocals were exquisite. One of the best female vocalists I have ever heard and she stole the show. I would totally recommend going to the show if you get the chance. It is a must for any Sinatra fan and if you want to revisit the glamorous era that this show portrays it will take you there.


Review by:  A. Hebenton,  LIFE MAGAZINE

“You could imagine Frank, himself, was singing”

“Theatregoers were transported back to the glamour of America in the 50s with the Sinatra Sequins & Swing show at The Kings Theatre.  Kitty La Roar stole the show with her Marilyn-esque style and her own brand of sexy naughtiness, lovely voice and impossible curves.  Kevin Fitzsimmons captured Sinatra’s suaveness and charisma and at times you could imagine Frank, himself, was singing.  Pete Long’s All Star 15 piece Orchestra was brilliant and got everyone’s toe tapping.  A great night out and a fitting tribute to the Capitol years of Frank Sinatra .”

Review by: John Green (Reviewer)

“A fabulous night out!”

“What a show!  What a show!  Worthing last night was privy to a show that was in Las Vegas class.  Kevin and Kitty were very ably supported by the superb 17-piece Pete Long Band.  Move over Buble’ …..you have some serious competition here.  Pete and his cronies gave us humour, style and, above all, great music….especially the part of the show “unplugged” to show the acoustics of the Assembly Hall.  A fabulous night out!”

Review by: Lee Stevens, LATEST 7 Magazine

“A brilliant sound by singer and band alike”

“Led by the charismatic and flamboyant Pete Long, the 15 piece big band provided a glorious backbone to a body of songs that epitomise the career of Frank Sinatra.  Sung with integrity (but with a few nice jazz florets) by the smooth Kevin Fitzsimmons, the evening swung like a laid back pendulum.  The ‘sequins’ element was provided by sassy Kitty La Roar who writhed and slinked her way through hits by Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Munroe with great ease.  The evening as a whole was as glorious and honest rendition of Sinatra’s ‘Capitol’ years, a brilliant sound by singer and band alike”


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